In Joy Birth is a partnership of two experienced and professional doulas.

Heather Rich-Dunn is a mother of two and has 10 years experience as a birth doula. She is trained from CAPPA and DONA + 5 years hands on continuing education by local midwives. Other continuing education includes: breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, infertility, Surrogacy and bereavement services. She is the former President of GetPumped!, and works alongside with Florida Le Leche League, Central Florida Postpartum Alliance, Central Florida Birth Network and The Breastfeeding Project.

Alyssa Kaplan is a mother of one, certified doula (DONA), certified prenatal yoga instructor, and certified breastfeeding specialist. Alyssa currently studies with Aviva Romm, midwife and ┬áherbalist, to attain her certification as a Women’s Herbalist. She has 5 years working as an active birth doula and trained locally as a midwife assistant. Alyssa combines her 11 years of yoga instruction to create a calm collected labor.

Together they are the dream team for labor doula support, postpartum doula care, lactation counseling, natural childbirth classes, VBAC, prenatal yoga, and placenta encapsulation, herbal support, and belly casting.

You can learn more about them at: